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Are you looking for the best cosplay photographer? Searching for an affordable NJ wedding photographer? You're in the right place. With us, you won’t have to struggle to find affordable family photographers in New Jersey!

Fungirlwithacamera Photography Services will make your pictures shine and smile. We know what our customers want. You want a professional photographer that’s affordable and makes you proud of who you are. The best photographer in Edison, Teneck, will make you look confident and beautiful in your pictures! 


We’ve helped so many of our clients like you express their style whether it be in our cosplay photoshoots or budget friendly event pictures. Because we know the art of photography and you’re going to fall in love with our style!


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Meet the face behind the Lens

Hey, I am Hope (She/Her) - the face behind the lens! People call me the powerhouse of knowledge in lighting, composition, grip, and client experience. I am obsessed with photography. And I am glued to crafting an experience beyond your expectations.

When I was little, I loved capturing candid moments. And today, I am a photographer, bookkeeper, marketing executive, social media manager, and customer service rep behind Fungirlwithacamera, based in New Jersey.

Cosplay photography is my first love. I love creating OC’s (original characters) and doing my own cosplay photoshoots. If you find my camera at rest, I’ll be curled with a good book and a steaming cup of Wawa hot chocolate.

In my free time, I also build new cosplays and love to binge-watch crime shows. I am a wild child who’s always down for an adventure. So much fun!

If you think I am your cup of cocoa, reach out to me! I will help you turn your vision into reality.

Woman sitting on the floor with her camera before her smiling leg out

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Hope is such a sweetheart! She is easy to work with, and has a great personality. She has connected with my clients in such a way that they have felt comfortable and at ease. Hope’s photographs are stunning, and she has the ability to capture the essence of her subject in a single frame. Hope is a pleasure to work with, I can't wait for my next opportunity to utilize her services again!

Cosplay of a Genderbent Wanda from Marvel Comics
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Fungirlwithacamera is a Cosplay, Wedding and Portrait photographer based out of Edison, New jersey serving asbury, New Jersey to Center city, Philadelphia

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