New Jersey LGBT Photographer

Are you looking for an LGBT photographer in New Jersey?

You've come to the right place. I'm Hope, and I'd love to hear from you!

I'm a proud member of the LGBT community in New Jersey, and I specialize in meaningful portrait work. Whether you're looking for engagement photos or wedding photos, I'll be there with my camera ready to capture your love story.

We welcome members of the trans community into our studio, as well as LGBT couples—you can trust me to give you engaging, meaningful photographs that you will love.

I have over 3 years experience photographing people and couples just like you, so don't hesitate to reach out with any ideas you might have!

Transmasc with fake cuts on his head looking off to the right catching the sun right behind him
Transmasc looking down and to the right as the sun catches behind him
Transmasc male sharing his moment while the sun gives him a small halo
Drag dressed bride of frankenstein holding up the head of frankenstein
Transmasc Bloody Demon
Transmasc Demon looking off the right as he leans back against the wall
Transmasc male looking off to the left caught laughing as he smiles
Transmasc looking past the camera as he leans against a railing
Transmasc Demon looking as hes being pulled up by a string
Transmasc Demon looking down and to the right as he leans back against a fence
Transmasc Demon looking at the camera looking as though hes crawling from hell
Transmasc Demon Leaning back as though hes being pulled up by a string
Transmasc Demon looking towards the camera as he reaches out to point
Transmasc doing the copperton pose
Two Wives sharing their moment as they look at each other

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5% off for Military, Teachers, and First Responders

In order to book a 50% non-refundable deposit and signed contract are needed in order to secure your date.

Fungirlwithacamera is a LGBT, Alternative, Wedding and Portrait photographer based out of Edison, New Jersey serving Asbury, New Jersey to Center city, Philadelphia

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