A Moment in Time

I am very open about my relationship with myself less so with my relationship with my partner. It has been close to ten years ago that I met my person. My person who fit me so well and made me feel so giggly. They say don't meet strangers on the internet but the truth is... That's how I met Levi. It started on accident and now years later? I am happy to say that is my person.

Levi's Pronouns: They/Them

Hope's Pronouns: She/Her

Couple standing looking the opposite directions
Hope putting a finger on Levis nose as she tries to make them stop doing something in a joking manner
Levi has their hand over their face as Hope is caught mid laugh
Levi explaining to Hope about having the image in the middle of her chest
Couple sitting on a bridge one has their head in the crook of the others neck
Hope is holding the face of Levi in a joking manner
Couple looking at each other
Couple looking down mid thought
Couple just hanging out
Couple sitting one behind the other mid a photo