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I'm Hope, and I'm a woman who loves herself.

I know, it sounds like a cheesy line from a self-help book or something—but it's true. For years, I struggled with my self image. I would look in the mirror and see only what was wrong about myself, rather than what was right. And for a long time, this hurt me so much that it limited my ability to be happy and to live freely.

But then something changed: I decided it was time I started to move past years of feeling not good enough and self hate. Having struggled with my self image for so many years I realized it was high time I started to show myself how amazing and stunning I can be. So I started doing self portraits once a month and sharing them on this blog.

If you're someone who is also maybe not the fashions standard of beauty and struggling to find your way come sit with me. I'll share how I do it and how I started loving the body I am in.

“We must be willing to begin to learn to love ourselves.” – Louise L. Hay