Here at Fungirlwithacamera Photography we are so proud to say that our published works have been featured in some of the most prestigious magazines in the industry, including Wedding by 6x Magazine, Dolce, Makeda, and more. Below you can see just a few of our published works. We are known for our dark artistic style from weddings and elopements, to cosplay and couples.

We take pride in providing high-quality service to all of our clients and making sure that their vision comes to life. We believe that every client deserves nothing less than their best work from us because we want you to enjoy these memories forever!

HOLLYWAY Magazine December 2022 Issue #33

BeTrend ART - Heart of Darkness #31

6X Wedding Magazine

Wedding 6x November issue table of contents
bridal features in the november issue of wedding 6x magazine
Feature of a winter bride in the wedding 6x magazine
Bride feature and details of a Fungirlwithacamera bride in wedding 6x magazine

Untold Magazine: Halloween 1111

Front Cover of Magazine Untold
Credits page of Magazine Untold
Collection of photos from the witchy way shoot
Girl holding a skull in front of her face.

Isabella Magazine

isabella magazine halloween 2022 edition cover
page featuring Fungirlwithacamera Photography's Till Death Photoshoot
Gothic Couple at their Elopement
Gothic Couple at their elopement
Gothic Couple looking at camera

Magnifiqué: Issue 161

Magazine inside cover reading the credits and the man holding the ring box
Man holding a coffin ring box that reads till death do us part
Tattooed woman dressed in her black wedding gown for her wedding
Tattooed female bride dressed in her black wedding gown for her wedding
Tattooed Groom looking off to the left
Tattooed Bride and groom in black looking at each other
Tattooed Groom booping the nose of his wife who is wearing a black lace gown
Bride and groom kissing while camera is focused on their hands
Groom grabbing the butt of his bride
Groom and brides hands
Groom kissing the hand of his wife while she stands with her gown out towards the back
Power struggle in a photo
Bride and Groom Looking at each other
Groom holding up his brides leg
Bride licking the grooms mask
Bride holding a lit red candle as they look at the camera
With this candle I will light your way in darkness.