Sun Flowers and a Farm

Okay okay hear me out getting dressed up and going to do fun things in fall should always include a farm and sunflowers. With the great cider donuts, cool lemonade, and roasted corn does it really get more fall then this? Over this year I have taught myself what I love most about myself. From the little things like the way I change my hair colors with wigs to the love I have for fall. These shots were really some that hit closest to my heart.

Woman with her arms above her head in a circle while looking down standing in a sunflower field
Close up of a roasted corn with tejin on it
Girl holding Sunflower to her face while standing in a field of sunflowers
Girl looking up at the sunflower
Girl standing in the door way sign above her says general store
Girl arms crossed sunflower in her hand as she looks down
Back view of the girl with a sunflower in her hair
Girl with hands behind her head as she looks out beyond standing in a sunflower field
Back view of the girl standing before a area labeled General Store
Girl arm up in the air as she looks towards the camera in the sunflower field