New Jersey Weddings

Are you having your wedding in NJ? Looking for cheap and affordable wedding photography that you will absolutely love? Look no further. These packages are perfect for your small intimate NJ weddings. Wanting some pictures for your small wedding, backyard wedding or elopement? I will make sure you are completely satisfied with your wedding pictures.

Flowers around the alter
Bride and groom backlit while in the middle of mist
Back of bride her catherdial veil sprayed out shes looking at her flowers
Wedding seating at view to the Alter
Hands cupped showing off a wedding ring
newlyweds in walking the park. Both has big smile on face
Sweetheart Table for Wedding
group of handsome men posing in formal suit
Bride looking at her bouquet
Bottle of purfume a dimond bracelet, dimond earrings, and a dimond ring

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